Driftwood Southern Kitchen

Last night, I met up with a couple of friends at Driftwood, my first visit to the southern style kitchen in North Raleigh’s Lafayette Village. Everything about it made a great first impression: the decor, atmosphere, Wednesday night whiskey special and, of course, the menu. Undoubtedly, the brisket was the star of the table, with the ribs being a close second. I had the meatloaf, which was also very good.

As it turns out, brisket is on a bit of a come-up in the barbecue world, as chronicled in a recent feature by Jim Shahin over on First We Feast1.

Once associated solely with Texas, the meat is so commonplace that it is harder to find a barbecue restaurant in the country—even in full-blown pig territories—that hasn’t added the Lone Star icon to its menu.

If you haven’t tried brisket yet, I highly recommend it; and Driftwood’s take on it would certainly make for a nice introduction.