Cool Off with a Nice Cold Glass of Asparagus Water

Already battling a pricing scandal, sliding sales, and decreased investor confidence, Whole Foods had to deal with a mini-controversy last week when a customer posted a picture of a product on the shelf that many thought had to be a joke: asparagus water.

If the mere thought of that grosses you out (me too, and I actually like asparagus), then stop reading now because it gets worse. This so-called asparagus water was a bottle of water with three stalks of asparagus in it and it was priced at $6! Maybe that’s fair market price (how much is a bundle of asparagus these days?), but that just doesn’t sit well with me. I can’t imagine in a million years that I would like that – and thankfully, the whole things appears to be a “misunderstanding” – but if happened to try it and I did like it, I think I would hate myself and I would go broke. And that’s why asparagus water qualified for this installment of #TIDNTKIL.