Yahoo Travel: The Best BBQ Across America

More from Yahoo Travel, but this one’s a little bit of a head scratcher. According to this article, the best barbecue in North Carolina comes from little known Backyard BBQ Pit in Durham, NC:

It is a tall order to produce the best barbecue in this state, but Backyard BBQ Pit in Durham upholds the standards with sweet sauces and tender pork ribs. If you can pry your fingers off of those ribs for a few, try the fried pork chops. Holy pig’s feet! They are delicious.

I work right around the corner from Backyard BBQ Pit and yet I’ve never been. That means I’m unqualified to renounce this selection. But with so many other great barbecue joints in the Triangle and beyond, I find it hard to believe Backyard BBQ Pit is even the best barbecue in Durham. Tastes, they are subjective.