Not Just a Lollygagger

WRAL Out and About on how Bull Durham Beer Company aims to stand out and aim higher than just being a Minor League ballpark draw:

In the busy North Carolina beer community, Bull Durham Beer Co. stands out from the crowd by innovating. While the current fashion in brews is bitter, hoppy, and high-gravity, Bull Durham Beer Co. keeps it light and approachable with its Lollygagger kolsch style ale, a German style native to Cologne. And where most wheat beers are notable for their flavors of banana and coriander, BDBC opts for a recipe that lends a lemon-y citrus zing to its Water Tower wheat ale.

I really enjoyed the few cups of Bull Durham beer I had this year. The Bottoms-Up filling and souvenir magnet are great novelties, but they’re worthless if the beer isn’t drinkable. I’m no beer connoisseur, but the Lollygagger was a consistently refreshing experience and the Water Tower wheat wasn’t half bad either. Great idea, great execution.