N&O: Oiso Sushi & Korean now open in Cary

This new sushi restaurant is in a tough location for exposure, but would be way more convenient for me than my other favorites in the triangle.

His selection of some 30 specialty rolls, a list peppered with rolls you won’t find elsewhere, provides further evidence. Hamachi Mania, for one, serves up yellowtail three ways — spicy, seared and deep-fried — in an East-West fusion of avocado, cucumber, scallion, pepper, tobiko, ponzu and Peruvian aji amarillo sauce. Then there’s the Chef Kim’s roll: tuna, salmon, white tuna, lobster salad, and masago in a daikon wrap, topped with special ponzu and truffle with seaweed salad.

If it’s as good as advertised, it could lead to a sharp uptick in the number of sushi date nights for us!